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Concept2 Logbook now supported!

CrewNerd now allows you to directly upload workout data to your Concept2 Logbook account. This is in addition to the existing support for Strava, TrainingPeaks, and Sportlyzer. We also worked with Concept2 to enable on-the-water workouts to show interval details … Read More

CrewNerd now supports the Vaaka paddle cadence sensor

For rowers and paddlers, there’s probably no performance metric that’s more important than the current stroke rate. CrewNerd uses your phone’s accelerometer to measure stroke rate, provided your phone is mounted securely to your water craft so that it can … Read More

New Customer Support Site

We were recently forced to move to a new provider for our customer support site due to the shutdown of our former site. You can find our new site at The CrewNerd app will be updated to refer to … Read More

CrewNerd turns 10!

Ten years ago, in April 2009, CrewNerd was first published in the iPhone app store, under the name “SpeedCoach Mobile”. Since then, we’ve added many new features (mostly based on your feedback) and developed a version for Android. To celebrate, … Read More

New phone mounting options from LifeProof

We’ve been recommending the waterproof cases from LifeProof for our CrewNerd customers for several years now, but finding good mounting solutions on the water has sometimes been challenging depending on the kind of boat and rigging you’re working with. The folks … Read MoreRead More

Fast GPS with CrewNerd

We recently added support for fast GPS (up to 10 readings per second) on the iPhone using the Dual Corporation XGPS150/160 external GPS receivers. The faster sample rate makes it possible to shrink your speed smoothing window down to the … Read More

CrewNerd supports

We’re pleased to announce that CrewNerd now supports direct workout uploads to from both our iOS and Android versions. With Sportlyzer, you can easily save and share all of your workout data. Track your workout load and heart rate zones … Read More

CrewNerd supports

We’re excited to announce that CrewNerd now supports the premier web site for athletes and coaches – One of the top requests we’ve received from customers is to be able to upload workout data directly to the web for … Read More

Overlaying CrewNerd data on video

Here’s a blog post from Thomas Carter with instructions for creating awesome rowing videos like this one. Thanks Thomas!