New phone mounting options from LifeProof

We’ve been recommending the waterproof cases from LifeProof for our CrewNerd customers for several years now, but finding good mounting solutions on the water has sometimes been challenging depending on the kind of boat and rigging you’re working with.

The folks at LifeProof have recently released a new set of mounting solutions that offer a wider set of options than ever before. We recently ordered an assortment of their LifeActiv accessories to experiment with and we’re happy to show you what we found.

The LifeActiv line of accessories starts with the QuickMount adapter that attaches to the back of your existing LifeProof case (or any waterproof case, really). The adapter has a very low profile (3.5mm) which makes it relatively unobtrusive in your pocket or purse. These photos show the adapter attached to an iPhone 5.

Side view of an iPhone 5 with the LifeProof QuickMount adapter.
An iPhone 5 with the QuickMount adapter.

The QuickMount adapter allows the phone to be securely attached to several different kinds of mounts. For boating, the most useful mounts will be the belt clip, the arm band, and the multi-purpose mount.

Here are a couple of photos showing a Galaxy S5 in a LifeProof case attached using the multi-purpose mount placed just in front of the rear deck of a Sykes double.

The multi-purpose mount attached to a Sykes double.
A Galaxy S5 phone attached to a double using the multi-purpose mount.

In many situations, the belt clip can be secured to footstretcher or a shoe. Here’s the belt clip being used with a Shimano footstretcher system in a Fluidesign single.

The belt clip mount in a Fluidesign single.
An iPhone attached using the belt clip mount.
Another view of the belt clip mounting solution.

The LiveActiv arm band was out of stock when we placed our order, but here are some photos showing the older LifeProof arm band mounted on the rigger of a double. Note the use of a small cloth to angle the phone upward for easy viewing.

The LifeProof arm band attached to a winged rigger.
An iPhone 5 mounted using the LifeProof arm band.

And finally, here are some photos showing the multi-purpose mount placed on an NK T-bracket and attached to the footplate of a Filippi double.

The LifeProof multi-purpose mount attached to an NK T-bracket.
Mounting an iPhone using the NK T-bracket and LifeProof multi-purpose mount.

We’re excited about the new LifeActiv line from LifeProof and hope you find these tips and photos helpful. If you have other creative solutions to share, please post your photos to our Facebook page.

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