Working with exported data

CrewNerd exports data in the following formats:

  • TCX – developed by Garmin, this format holds the most detailed information about your performance, including speed, stroke rate, location, and heart rate. This format can be imported by web sites such as, and desktop applications like SportTracks (PC), TrailRunner (Mac), and Garmin Training Center (PC & Mac).
  • KML – used by Google Maps, Google Earth, and other applications. This format is not designed for recording athletic data, but its flexibility allows us to put summary information on the map in a nice format.
  • GPX – used mostly for storing hiking & running routes. Better support for performance data than KML, but not as good as TCX.

Detailed information for each interval can also be exported as CSV (comma-separated values) for use with a wide variety of spreadsheet applications. Many customers prefer to create their own charts straight from this raw data.

If you have an account on, you can sync your workouts easily. Use the email export and send your TCX to Emailing the TCX file to from your registered email address will automatically create the workout for you. Also, if you export the CSV workout summary in the same way, you can use the “CrewNerd Summary” button on the “Advanced” workout page to get the exact summary from CrewNerd as the workout summary.

Creating custom courses

Custom courses allow you to mark the start & finish lines of your favorite workouts or races and then have the CrewNerd start its timer automatically when you cross the starting line and stop when you reach the finish. To create a custom course, you use Google Earth to mark the start & finish lines. Then, using iTunes, the course information is transferred to your iPhone where it appears in your workout list when you run CrewNerd.

For a demonstration of the entire process, please watch this video.


  • FAQs – Check the list of frequently-asked questions about our applications for solutions to common problems.

CrewNerd Documentation

Note – these are somewhat out of date now. Our support community is a great place to ask questions and make suggestions.