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CrewNerd is a smartphone application designed for use on the water by rowers and paddlers, providing athletes and coaches with real-time information about stroke rate, time, speed, distance, direction, heart rate, and more. CrewNerd runs on iPhone and Android.

Athletes can create custom workouts of various kinds and record workout data which can then be reviewed on the device or exported in a variety of popular formats for analysis and charting. Exported data can be sent via email or through USB to your computer.

Rowing shells of all sizes are supported as well as kayaks, canoes, and dragonboats. CrewNerd provides a free trial application on all environments allowing you to check out the application before you buy. We pride ourselves on excellent customer support and continuous improvement of our application. Click on one of the app store badges to the right to try CrewNerd on your phone!

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Easy uploading to Strava!

Good news for Strava fans! It’s now possible to upload your practices to Strava quickly and easily using a handy service at gotoes.org. The service works by taking TCX file exports from CrewNerd via email and uploading them to the Strava account that you associate with your email address.

To use the service, go to the link above and create an account. After you verify your email address, you can sign into the service again and connect it to your Strava account (be sure to grant all of the requested permissions). Once those one-time setup steps are done, you can send your practices to Strava by simply exporting a TCX file from CrewNerd and emailing it to stravaupload@gotoes.org. Within a minute or so, it will appear in your Strava activities.

The title of the Strava activity is taken from the subject line of your email. The activity type will be “Run”, so you’ll want to go to Strava and change that to the appropriate water sport, and make any other appropriate edits.

Strava sample activity uploaded from CrewNerd via GOTOES.org

All of your workout segments in CrewNerd will become “laps” in your Strava activity. Your stroke rate information will appear as “cadence”, and if you used a heart rate monitor, that data will show up as well. Here’s a sample activity on Strava that I uploaded from an old CrewNerd practice. Check out the “Analysis” and “Laps” tabs to see all of the information that CrewNerd exports.

This is a free service, so please consider donating to the author if you find this useful!

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CrewNerd turns 10!

Ten years ago, in April 2009, CrewNerd was first published in the iPhone app store, under the name “SpeedCoach Mobile”. Since then, we’ve added many new features (mostly based on your feedback) and developed a version for Android.

To celebrate, we’re offering the full version of CrewNerd on the iPhone at a 20% discount for the entire month of April. If you or a friend have been on the fence about using CrewNerd, it’s a great time to start! And as always, the free version (CrewNerd Lite) is a great way to check out the app before you buy.

Thanks to all of our great customers – we appreciate your support!

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New phone mounting options from LifeProof

We’ve been recommending the waterproof cases from LifeProof for our CrewNerd customers for several years now, but finding good mounting solutions on the water has sometimes been challenging depending on the kind of boat and rigging you’re working with.

The folks at LifeProof have recently released a new set of mounting solutions that offer a wider set of options than ever before. We recently ordered an assortment of their LifeActiv accessories to experiment with and we’re happy to show you what we found. Continue reading

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Fast GPS with CrewNerd

We recently added support for fast GPS (up to 10 readings per second) on the iPhone using the Dual Corporation XGPS150/160 external GPS receivers. The faster sample rate makes it possible to shrink your speed smoothing window down to the minimum distance while still getting very stable speed & pace readings. On the water, this means that CrewNerd can react much more quickly when you pick up the power, showing your increase in speed in just a stroke or two.

An enterprising CrewNerd customer, Michael McGuirk, has explored how this can be done on Android as well, with no changes to CrewNerd being necessary. The trick is an app called “Bluetooth GPS Provider” that reads from the GPS accessory and tricks Android into passing those location readings along to any application that tries to use the GPS receiver in the phone. He’s written up a very detailed set of instructions that you can find here. Michael’s instructions reference one particular GPS unit, but the same technique should work with any standard GPS accessory. Thanks, Michael!

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CrewNerd supports Sportlyzer.com

We’re pleased to announce that CrewNerd now supports direct workout uploads to Sportlyzer.com from both our iOS and Android versions. With Sportlyzer, you can easily save and share all of your workout data. Track your workout load and heart rate zones over the season, or drill into individual workouts to map your course, or quickly chart your speed, stroke rate, and heart rate.

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CrewNerd supports TrainingPeaks.com

We’re excited to announce that CrewNerd now supports the premier web site for athletes and coaches – TrainingPeaks.com. One of the top requests we’ve received from customers is to be able to upload workout data directly to the web for logging, analysis, and sharing without having to go through the multiple steps involved in exporting and uploading TCX files or other formats. Now, you can do this quickly and easily to TrainingPeaks.com in both our iPhone and Android versions.

In both versions, start by entering your TrainingPeaks user name and password in the application settings page. Then, in the iOS version, select a practice in the history screen, scroll down to the export section, and press “Send to TrainingPeaks.com”. In the Android version, select a practice in the history screen, press the sharing button on the action bar, and select “TrainingPeaks”.

TrainingPeaksIn a few seconds, your practice data (including location, speed, stroke rate, and heart rate) will be transferred to TrainingPeaks and available for charting and speed or heart rate zone analysis. Any notes you entered for the practice in CrewNerd are uploaded as well.

If you haven’t used TrainingPeaks.com before, we encourage you to give it a look and try uploading some of your data from CrewNerd to see what’s possible there. As always, we’re anxious to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

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