Take your rowing game to the next level with our recommended accessories

Boat mount for phone to use CrewNerd app

Waterproof Cases & Mounting Hardware

To protect your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone on the water, we highly recommend the cases from both LifeProof and QuadLock. Fully-waterproof cases are less popular now since most new smartphone models now have good water-resistance themselves, and can easily withstand water splashes and rain. Detailed information about water-resistance is available for iPhone, Samsung, and Google Pixel devices. LifeProof and QuadLock both provide a range of mounting solutions that work in a wide variety of boat types and mounting locations, such as the QuadLock dual-pivot arm mount shown here. For more information about LifeProof mounting options, and pictures of the mounting hardware in real use, see our blog post on this topic.

Vaaka Paddle Cadence Sensor

CrewNerd supports the Vaaka paddle cadence sensor.

This light-weight device attaches directly to your paddle and contains a small accelerometer that accurately detects your stroke rate and communicates this over Bluetooth.

Pairing with CrewNerd is very simple and the device can operate for 1-2 years on a single battery.

The Vaaka cadence sensor gives the most accurate stroke rates possible for all of the paddling sports supported by CrewNerd.

XGPS External GPS receiver from Dual Corporation

On the iPhone, CrewNerd supports the XGPS 150/160 external GPS receivers from Dual Corporation.

These GPS receivers can deliver up to 10 location readings per second to CrewNerd, resulting in smoother, more accurate pace readings that respond much more quickly to your speed changes than the internal GPS unit in your phone.

They’re also a great way to extend the battery life of your phone since the internal GPS receiver can be turned off when an XGPS unit is in use.

NOTE: the Garmin Glo 2 GPS receiver is also supported on iPhone and provides 2 location readings per second.

Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor

Bluetooth Smart support (available on all newer smartphones) allows you to monitor your heart rate using only your phone and a compatible chest strap.

We recommend the heart rate monitors from Wahoo and Polar, which work well with CrewNerd. Combine this with the LifeProof case for a great, waterproof combination.

NOTE: We do NOT recommend any wrist-worn heart rate sensor as we have found these to be very unreliable for rowing and paddling.

These sensors work by detecting capillary blood flow changes on each heartbeat, and the dramatic arm motion in rowing/paddling necessarily involves a great deal of blood flow that will be synchronized with your stroke rate rather than your heart rate, rendering this type of heart rate detection extremely unreliable.

Zephyr HxM BT Heart Rate Monitor

For older Android devices, the Zephyr HxM BT Heart Rate Monitor allows you to monitor your heart rate over a regular Bluetooth connection. For newer devices with Bluetooth Smart, we recommend a Wahoo or Polar HRM.