For free speed, bounce less!

In rowing and paddling sports, our goal is to move through the water as quickly as possible with as little effort as we can manage. The bio-mechanics of rowing and paddling are incredibly complex, but one of the principles that … Read More

Eliminating problems caused by water splashes

Most newer smartphones are safe to use around water due to industry-wide improvements in water resistance in recent years. However, even if the phone is in a waterproof case, the problem remains that water drops from rain or splashing can … Read More

Concept2 Logbook now supported!

CrewNerd now allows you to directly upload workout data to your Concept2 Logbook account. This is in addition to the existing support for Strava, TrainingPeaks, and Sportlyzer. We also worked with Concept2 to enable on-the-water workouts to show interval details … Read More

CrewNerd now supports the Vaaka paddle cadence sensor

For rowers and paddlers, there’s probably no performance metric that’s more important than the current stroke rate. CrewNerd uses your phone’s accelerometer to measure stroke rate, provided your phone is mounted securely to your water craft so that it can … Read More

New Customer Support Site

We were recently forced to move to a new provider for our customer support site due to the shutdown of our former site. You can find our new site at https://support.performancephones.com. The CrewNerd app will be updated to refer to … Read More