Fast GPS with CrewNerd

We recently added support for fast GPS (up to 10 readings per second) on the iPhone using the Dual Corporation XGPS150/160 external GPS receivers. The faster sample rate makes it possible to shrink your speed smoothing window down to the minimum distance while still getting very stable speed & pace readings. On the water, this means that CrewNerd can react much more quickly when you pick up the power, showing your increase in speed in just a stroke or two.

An enterprising CrewNerd customer, Michael McGuirk, has explored how this can be done on Android as well, with no changes to CrewNerd being necessary. The trick is an app called “Bluetooth GPS Provider” that reads from the GPS accessory and tricks Android into passing those location readings along to any application that tries to use the GPS receiver in the phone. He’s written up a very detailed set of instructions that you can find here. Michael’s instructions reference one particular GPS unit, but the same technique should work with any standard GPS accessory. Thanks, Michael!

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