Crewnerd_iPhone_4S_Hz_JustGo2CrewNerd takes the idea of Nielsen-Kellerman’s SpeedCoach and brings it to the iPhone and Android. CrewNerd provides all of the information you get with an NK SpeedCoach and much more. Using the advanced capabilities of these mobile devices, CrewNerd is able to accurately calculate stroke rate, distance, and speed (or pace). With a waterproof case and the CrewNerd application, your device is transformed into a complete training tool that works in any rowing shell, canoe, kayak or dragonboat – with no wiring! (Note: on the iPod touch, speed and distance features require the use of an external GPS accessory.)

Rowers, in particular, will find the CrewNerd very intuitive and easy to use, as the user interface borrows familiar ideas from the NK SpeedCoach and the Concept 2 erg monitors.

A free version (CrewNerd Free) is available for evaluation purposes. It works exactly like the full version but is limited to 100 strokes each time you run the application.


    • Fully integrated with iPhone & Android

      • Good battery life – typically 3-4 hours
      • Uses GPS to calculate distance and speed (iPhone and Windows Phone only)
      • Uses the accelerometer to detect strokes, calculate stroke rates, and record stroke force
      • White-on-black display works well in both low-light conditions and bright sunlight
      • All screens support both landscape and portrait mode
    • Real-time display

      • Configurable layout lets you see just the data that you want
      • Available performance data: time, distance, stroke rate, stroke count, speed/pace, average speed/pace, interval number, direction, time of day, check factor, bounce factor, total distance, and meters per stroke.
      • Heart rate monitoring is available using most Bluetooth heart rate straps
      • Calculates stroke rates reliably for rowing shells of all sizes, canoes, kayaks and dragon-boats
    • Relay real-time data to your coach and friends

      • CrewNerd’s “Live Tracking” feature logs your data to our web servers where it can be viewed by coaches or spectators. Set your boat name and club name on the tracking page, and add a password if privacy is a concern. Only viewers who know both your club name and password will be able to see your data.
      • The CrewNerd Viewer web application works with most modern browsers and is designed for a wide variety of display sizes, from phones, to tablets, and desktop monitors.
      • Coaches can customize the data they see, and a map view is available to track down those “missing” boats. This is also a great safety feature, allowing boathouse staff to keep tabs on everyone easily.
    • Workout editor

    • Easy to create new workouts
    • Unlimited storage for workouts
    • Rearrange workouts in your list to make your favorites easy to find
    • Optional “countdown” feature lets you get up to speed before starting the first interval
    • Workout types

      • Single distance or time
      • Intervals based on time, distance, or strokes (with configurable rest between intervals)
      • Custom workouts containing any sequence of intervals
      • With the “custom courses” feature, you can draw the start & finish lines of a course in Google Earth and transmit the data to your iPhone. The application can then start & stop the timer automatically as you cross the start and finish lines. (Feature available on iOS only.)
    • Workout history & data exporting

      • Workout data can be saved indefinitely on your device
      • Add your own practice notes, list teammates, and record the boat name or type.
      • Export data in a variety of popular formats (TCX, GPX, KML). TCX data can be imported by popular web sites such as, or desktop applications such as SportTracks (PC) or TrailRunner (Mac) for logging and charting. View KML data in Google Earth.
      • Export per-interval details (including stroke force) in CSV format for importing and charting with spreadsheet applications (iOS only).
      • Export data via email or USB on iOS, or to SkyDrive or DropBox on Windows Phone.
  • Miscellaneous

    • “Coach Mode” allows coaches to use the application to help organize and direct practices from the launch. Let the iPhone alert you to the end of each work and rest interval. Tap the iPhone screen to check stroke rates. (iOS only)
    • Audible alarms at the end of a work interval and with 15 seconds remaining in a rest interval
    • Automatic start/stop feature lets you start (or pause) a workout when you start (or stop) rowing or paddling