Easy uploading to Strava!

Good news for Strava fans! It’s now possible to upload your practices to Strava quickly and easily using a handy service at gotoes.org. The service works by taking TCX file exports from CrewNerd via email and uploading them to the Strava account that you associate with your email address.

To use the service, go to the link above and create an account. After you verify your email address, you can sign into the service again and connect it to your Strava account (be sure to grant all of the requested permissions). Once those one-time setup steps are done, you can send your practices to Strava by simply exporting a TCX file from CrewNerd and emailing it to stravaupload@gotoes.org. Within a minute or so, it will appear in your Strava activities.

The title of the Strava activity is taken from the subject line of your email. The activity type will be “Run”, so you’ll want to go to Strava and change that to the appropriate water sport, and make any other appropriate edits.

Strava sample activity uploaded from CrewNerd via GOTOES.org

All of your workout segments in CrewNerd will become “laps” in your Strava activity. Your stroke rate information will appear as “cadence”, and if you used a heart rate monitor, that data will show up as well. Here’s a sample activity on Strava that I uploaded from an old CrewNerd practice. Check out the “Analysis” and “Laps” tabs to see all of the information that CrewNerd exports.

This is a free service, so please consider donating to the author if you find this useful!

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