Recent iOS updates

We’ve made a couple of updates to the iOS version recently. Version 4.05 made it possible for all rowers & paddlers to get performance data from the iPhone by speech output. This was originally developed for vision-impaired athletes, but is now easily usable by anyone. The speech output can be tailored both in frequency and content so you can get the data that you want, when you want it.

In version 4.06, we’ve made a slight adjustment to the way that distance and speed is calculated by CrewNerd. In the earlier iPhone models (3G and 3GS) the GPS readings were less accurate and tended to overestimate the distance actually travelled. CrewNerd compensated for this error using an adjustment algorithm that worked very well at the time. Recent on-the-water tests with newer phones have shown that the GPS accuracy is much better now, rendering the old adjustment code obsolete.

With version 4.06, distances will now be reported as just slightly longer, and speeds will be slightly faster. Based on a series of on-the-water tests and validation using Google Earth, the new update appears to be more accurate than ever before.

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