SpeedCoach Mobile for iOS Version 3.05 Released

The latest free update to SpeedCoach Mobile includes support for detailed charting of the interval data from your workouts. To chart the data for an interval, go to the history tab and select a practice. In the “Workouts” section for the practice, tap the workout of interest. At the top of the interval detail page for the workout, you’ll see a new “Charts” section with an “Interval Detail” row. Press that to see a chart of the interval data.

By default, you’ll see a chart of pace and stroke rate vs. time. Red vertical lines are used to mark off regular distance intervals and show your split for each segment of an interval. You could use this, for example, to quickly see your 500m splits in a 2000m piece.

Almost everything about the charts can be easily customized by pressing the “Configure” button in the upper right corner of the display. There, you can apply more or less smoothing to the speed, pace, and stroke rate data. You can select the data you want to see charted on the left and right Y axis (or turn off the right Y axis to reduce clutter). And the distance marker intervals can be adjusted, or turned off completely.

Back on the chart screen, you can use touch gestures to zoom and pan. Also, you can press and hold on one of the chart lines to display a cross-hair that lets you see the exact data for any point on the line. With the cross-hair displayed, slide your finger left or right to see other data values. Tap anywhere else on the screen to remove the cross-hair.

If there are multiple intervals in your workout, use the left and right arrows in the bottom corners of the screen to quickly display the data for each interval. We plan to add additional chart types in the future. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions!

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