SpeedCoach Mobile for iOS Version 3.04 Released

We’re pleased to announce the release of another free application update for iOS. This version includes updates for the new iOS 6 release as well as changes to support the larger iPhone 5 display, which now gets a 6th data row in portrait mode. The update also fixes compatibility problems between the exported TCX data and some desktop applications and web sites, along with other miscellaneous fixes.

In addition to these incremental updates, we have also added speech output support via the iPhone’s “VoiceOver” facility to enable blind and vision-impaired athletes to make better use of the application. With VoiceOver enabled, users can now configure SpeedCoach Mobile to announce performance-related information at regular and customizable intervals. Three different time-based announcements can be configured, and distance announcements can be configured at different distance intervals.

One last item to note about this update is that we are no longer able to support iOS versions earlier than 4.3. This excludes the original iPhone 3G and early generations of the iPod touch. iPhone 3GS and newer models are still supported. This change was necessary because the developer tools provided by Apple no longer support the processors used in those older devices.

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